An experiment from General Galactic Corporation

Galactic Camera makes video fun!

with easy-to-use video personalization and effects

Galactic Camera makes communication visual. Communicate with your teams better

Metaverse Ready

Bring your universal identity—we play nicely with Web3. Show off your NFTs, share your ENS domain on screen, and more.

Personalized & Fun

Personalize your video to reflect your personality and vibe — you can even rock your favorite memes.


Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and more — you can use the Camera with any platform where you can select a virtual camera.

Easy to Use

Add professional quality effects to your video with a click.

Communicate Better

You're no longer limited to just your voice in a video.

Developer Friendly

Build your own javascript based Galactic Camera apps.

This is an Experiment

  1. The Galactic Camera is unsupported software*.
  2. We use it everyday, but it may break, explode, delete everything, blow up antarctica or many other unpredictable things.
  3. Galactic Camera is community supported
  4. We love it and it is really fun. We hope you enjoy it too (at your own risk)
  5. Have fun
*- we still love it!

Give your video superpowers

Download the Galactic Camera and start using it immediately in your Zooms, Meets, and more.

Galactic Camera is available on all major operating systems.


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